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Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's a November Thing

Guadalupe River

"...the end is often the beginning..." I have heard this expression used to describe the of end of a relationship, a job or some other type of transition experienced in life.  For me right now, this expression speaks to me as we enter into the 11th month of the calendar year.  It's nearly the "end" of the year, but to me the month of November symbolizes a time of reflection, renewal and happiness.  It's also the birth month of my father, my son and myself.  As we approach the holiday season and the end of the year, here are some of the reasons why the end often feels like the beginning:

Every November, I begin to reflect upon the type of year that I've had.  I compare myself to what I was doing last year to see if I've experienced any growth.  I think about all my victories and all about the lessons that I have learned.  I admittedly don't give myself enough credit while in the moment, but looking back on what I've accomplished always allows me to re-affirm to myself that I am indeed doing something right.  Any time I've fallen short, I've tried my best to look at it as a learning experience and to apply those lessons that I've learned going forward.
Because November is my birthday month, I view this time of year as one of renewal:  Another year of life, another milestone, another opportunity to do great things.  My birthday is a wonderful reminder that I am a work in progress.  Much like the resolutions that many folks make on New Year's Day,  my birthday is the catalyst for me to re-evaluate my goals and my game plan for attaining them.  I'm not only turning another year older, but also becoming another year wiser.  I cannot think of a better time to apply that wisdom onto the vision that I have for my life.
For me, November also means celebrating Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.  It sounds cliché, but this is indeed my most favorite time of year.  My kitchen is usually gets well-used and I get to visit and spend more time with family.  Decorating my house, exchanging gifts and time off from work all feel like a wonderful prelude to the fast-approaching New Year.
Whether you agree or not that the month of November feels like the beginning of something wonderful, I hope that the next couple of months bring you more peace, happiness and wisdom than you've experienced all year. 


Beyonca Coleman said...

Love it 💜 I receive that blessing 🤗 love you!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Beyonca,�� thank you!

xochilt said...

Very True!! Love what you said!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

@xochilt - Thank you!

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