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Monday, August 17, 2015

Artist Spotlight

Safari Ride

Today's post is featuring Nottingham UK artist Laura E. Hutton.  If you are a fan of ethnic art, chances are you have come across one of  her many pieces via social media.  The first time I stumbled upon her work, my eyes were immediately tantalized by images that were bursting with vibrant hues that showcased beautiful women of all shades of color.  Recurring themes in Hutton's art are love, family, female empowerment, sensuality, sisterhood and body positivity.  In addition to the doe eyes and cupid's bow lips the women in Hutton's drawings possessed, I could not help but notice that these women were also very curvaceous!  I immediately became a fan of her work.
Black Diamond
I recently had the opportunity to interview Laura E. Hutton about her journey on becoming an artist:


Q. How did you start with your art/ How old were you when you began?

A. My mum bought me my first art set before I could walk. I’ve always loved drawing for as long as I can remember. I would come home from school, neglect my homework and just draw for hours.

Q. I notice you use colour pencils, do you use any special techniques for creating your art?

A. I definitely blend a lot, I use a lot of watercolours and brush pens but the crayons are definitely my favourite, even if I paint something, I tend to go over it in crayon after so there's a lot of colour layering' and blending going on.

Q. What are your inspirations for your artwork?

A. It can be anything, music, scenery, poetry, or sometimes an idea just pops into my head and I decide I have to get it on paper- however weird it is. I love drawing curvy women, so I guess they’re my inspiration too! Someone once told me that the art world wasn't ready for 'curvy women', so I just drew more of them.

Q. What opportunities have opened up for you because of your art?

A. I joined a site, Red Bubble four years ago- it’s been amazing, I've met so many talented and amazing artists and people from all over the world have purchased my art and I've taken part in several art shows in Nottingham and can't wait to do more. It's been hard because I've had to work a nine to five alongside doing my art but I recently managed to go part-time because I'm making more money doing something I love so hopefully I'll get more opportunities to get my work out there. Eventually, I'd love to do art full time for a living so that's the goal I'm now working towards.

Other future plans for Ms. Hutton include opening up online stores on Etsy and Society 6. This Christmas, she plans on printing cards featuring her artwork and sending them out directly to buyers herself.  She has visited New York and would like to one day like to live there.

Laura's talent may be only be rivaled by her humble spirit as she says, "Firstly, I'd like them (my fans) to know that I appreciate the support so much, every like, every comment, every sale means so much and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to feature on your blog! I guess I'd like them (fans) to know that my art is a representative of who I am, and who they are. It's a little bit of everybody."

Laura E. Hutton's work can be purchased here.

Instagram @laura_e_hutton



Unknown said...

Black diamond and curvy are my faves!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Nijah, aren't they stunning? I love her work!