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Monday, August 17, 2015

Artist Spotlight

Safari Ride

Today's post is featuring Nottingham UK artist Laura E. Hutton.  If you are a fan of ethnic art, chances are you have come across one of  her many pieces via social media.  The first time I stumbled upon her work, my eyes were immediately tantalized by images that were bursting with vibrant hues that showcased beautiful women of all shades of color.  Recurring themes in Hutton's art are love, family, female empowerment, sensuality, sisterhood and body positivity.  In addition to the doe eyes and cupid's bow lips the women in Hutton's drawings possessed, I could not help but notice that these women were also very curvaceous!  I immediately became a fan of her work.
Black Diamond
I recently had the opportunity to interview Laura E. Hutton about her journey on becoming an artist: