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Monday, June 22, 2015

Father’s Day: A Different Perspective on Fatherhood

I am a single mother.  My son knows his father, but his father and I have never really raised our son as a unit.  I remember one Father’s Day about ten years ago when someone I knew greeted me with “Happy Father’s Day!”  At first I was puzzled, but then I quickly realized that she was referring to me as my son’s father because single parents are often said to have to be “both mom and dad”. 
At the time I thought that being wished a Happy Father’s Day was a fair acknowledgement because let’s face it—I was doing the vast majority of the parenting to our son.  But as I grew in my journey of motherhood I began to realize that just as a man could never be a substitute for my role as a parent, I could never be my son’s father.  Sure, being a single parent means most of the time you’re performing all the duties that parenting entails on your own. I can raise my son with good morals and values;   but as a woman I don’t know how to teach my son how to be a man.
Til this day, I still receive happy Father’s Day wishes, and I know it comes from people who care about me  and who know the struggle that single parenthood can bring.  While I respectfully appreciate this acknowledgement, I’m wise enough to know that Father’s Day is not my day.  No amount of parenting can convert me into my son’s father.  The love that I receive from my son on a daily basis is enough recognition for the job that I do as a mother that lasts all year long.


Tysha said...

Your a great mom Miss Honey B!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Tysha--Thank you, likewise!!

Anonymous said...

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ well said! And yes indeed it is hard to teach a boy how to be a man! Love you blog girlllll!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’– Lacky

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Lacky, Thank you love!!!