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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Know Your Worth

Oftentimes when people don’t choose you, it has nothing to do with you.  The truth is, some people don’t even love themselves enough in order to have the ability to choose themselves.  They’ll tell you that you have too many requirements, that your standards are too high and that you don’t make it easy for them.  Re-read the last part of that last sentence:  You don’t make it easy for them. 

Even if they don’t outright tell you these things, their actions will almost most certainly show it.  The last time I checked, anything worth having was never easily obtained.  Don’t ever think that you’re too difficult or that you require too much.  The problem arises when they refuse to meet your standards and expect you to lower yours in order to be with them.

Nothing about that exemplifies love, respect or appreciation.  Nothing says “I do not value you” more than someone who refuses to acknowledge your worth by consistently disregarding your boundaries while pursuing you.  Nothing is more insulting than someone who is capable of seeing your worth, but refuses treat you as a valuable human being.

The reality is, if someone wants you badly enough, they will not only rise to meet, but to exceed your standards because they are willing to deem you worthy and value you.  People that don’t value themselves often don’t get valued by others.  All love, growth, change and respect has to start from within.  The person that is right for you will recognize your worth and choose you without question.  Choosing you will be easy for them because they too will have a healthy amount of love and respect for themselves.  Don’t ever sell yourself short.  Always know your worth.



Unknown said...

Truth! I left Facebook for the same reasons. People started expecting way too much from me, but would never want to meet or chill in RL. Not only that but the negativity I felt from Facebook was affecting me physically and emotionally being there for someone 24 7 is impossible. I love my friends but Im definitely not Dear Abby or a licensed therapist LOL. RIP FACEBOOK!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Glad you can relate Dennyann! I found it to be a huge energy waster/drainer and extremely unauthentic. It can be useful in some aspects, but to me, the bad outweighed the good. RIP!

QuietStorm said...

Amen to knowing your worth and letting those go who can't step up to the plate!

Lil Miss Honey B said...

Thank you Soulstress!!!