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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stop Complaning

Photo by Bethany Legg
I always feel slightly attacked when someone says ‘stop complaining’.  I’m compelled to respond with, “But you don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t know my life!” And while my assertion is correct, someone who urges me not to complain is also correct.  As positive as a person as I strive to be, I know that I can always find something to complain about.  Complaining is contagious--one person starts up and then a whole domino effect takes place.  I’m convinced that some friendships were founded upon the mutual desire to complain to one another.  While there is a need to vent from time to time, I’ve noticed that complaining often does nothing to solve my problems.  In fact, complaining can make existing problems linger.

Monday, January 1, 2018

My Year in Review

I can remember it like it was yesterday:  A little more than a year ago, I found myself in a very difficult
space.  I was discontented, exhausted and at the end of my rope.  In my frustration, I declared, "In six months I won't be in this position."  That statement, uttered out of desperate defiance, was the catalyst for one of the most amazing transformations I experienced in 2017.  Despite the barrage of dismal news stories that dominated the media, 2017 was by and large a great year for me.  I overcame some of my biggest fears, met new people and did a lot of traveling.  Here are some my biggest moments of 2017:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Birthday Vibin


It's my birthday and I couldn't be more excited!  This post is dedicated to the celebration of life and all its possibilities.  It's a reminder that I've been given another chance learn, grow and change.  For me, It definitely represents a new beginning. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's a November Thing

Guadalupe River

"...the end is often the beginning..." I have heard this expression used to describe the of end of a relationship, a job or some other type of transition experienced in life.  For me right now, this expression speaks to me as we enter into the 11th month of the calendar year.  It's nearly the "end" of the year, but to me the month of November symbolizes a time of reflection, renewal and happiness.  It's also the birth month of my father, my son and myself.  As we approach the holiday season and the end of the year, here are some of the reasons why the end often feels like the beginning:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Selena: an Homage to the Queen of Tejano

See below for costume details
Unless you've lived under a rock for the past 20 years, there's no denying the influence that Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla has had on today's pop culture.  Being a Corpus Christi native and resident of Selena's old neighborhood, it was only right that I represent for my city and hood and transform into Selena for Halloween. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

24 Hours in Vegas, My Story

The morning of October 1, 2017 - Just landed in Vegas
It has been 3 weeks since the incident but I chillingly remember it like it was yesterday. My trip to Las Vegas that was scheduled for October 1-2, 2017 had been planned for months. By design, this was going to be a solo vacation.  The trip was celebratory in nature. I had just experienced what I considered to be a victory in my professional life and I was feeling myself at the moment. There was no particular event that dictated the date that I decided on for my travel, the flight and room rate just happened to be cheapest on Oct 1. I became ecstatic once I scheduled my flight and booked my room at Caesars Palace. I didn't share my travel plans with many people:  I only told my mom days before I was scheduled to leave. I had specific plans when I arrived in Vegas:  simply to shop, see the sights and catch some sort of night-time entertainment. I knew the fact that my hotel would be located right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip would afford me easy access to all of those things.